Denver Commercial Driver License (CDL)

Do you want to be a truck driver? If you’ve made it here, we’re going to assume the answer to that question is a resounding, “yes!” If you do, you’ll need to get an Denver commercial driver’s license or CDL. This gives you the ability to drive all over the state and work for trucking companies. Let’s take some time to talk about what you need to do to become licensed.

Knowledge Test

The first thing you need to do is prepare for and take the knowledge test. This test is a written one, and is based off the information you can find in the CDL manual. You may wish to take CDL training and/or take a few practice tests to get familiar with the kinds of questions you’ll face on the actual exam. You can get the Denver Commercial Driver License manual from your local DMV. You can add endorsements to your license as well, depending on what type of driving you plan on doing. A few examples include air brakes, hazardous materials, tanker, and passenger. Once you take the test, you’ll get your permit.

Road Test

To get your Denver CDL, you’ll need to take the road test. This test is performed behind the wheel of a truck and taken after you’ve gone through extensive training. The test will include a pre-trip inspection as well as maintenance concerns. If you want to do well on your exam and get your Denver commercial driver license quickly, you’ll need to complete the appropriate training. There is CDL training available all over the state, including in or near Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Englewood, Lakewood and Littleton, to name a few locations. For more information on CDL training locations in the state, contact us at 1-800-TRUCKER or visit us online at